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How Excessive Water Pressure Can Lead to the Need for Water Damage Restoration Services

10/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth highlights how excessive water pressure can cause water leaks leading to a water damage disaster.

The team at SERVPRO® of Northeast Fort Worth urges homeowners to be aware of the potential for water damage around the home. Water leaks are an ongoing concern for Keller, TX, homeowners. If left unchecked and allowed to persist, a tiny water leak can cause a huge mess, including unsanitary conditions like wet carpeting, wood rot, mildew, and mold. A large-scale water release from a burst supply line to the washer, dishwasher, or ice maker can flood a home with thousands of gallons of water in a few hours or over the weekend if the water intrusion is not discovered and the water flow is  stopped.

The first step is to stop the intrusion at the point of the leak. The homeowner may be able to handle the matter by shutting off an inline water valve. If needed, the homeowner can turn off the flow at the water main by the road. As soon as the influx of water is remedied, the cleanup and restoration can begin.

Before resuming the water flow, the cause of the leak must be accurately diagnosed and resolved. If an inline shutoff valve allows the leak point to be isolated, life in the home can continue until the leak is repaired either by the homeowner or a plumber. A leaking connection must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. A burst water supply line to the washing machine must be replaced. A good rule of thumb is to replace both supply lines.

Excessive water pressure: A potential cause of water leaks and water damage

Excessive water pressure can stress water pipes, couplings, joints, and connections. Over time, the pressure variations can lead to a slow leak or, worse, a sudden catastrophic failure in the water line. If the failure is in the attic or ceiling, behind a wall, or in the crawl space, the flooding and damage can be extensive. By staying alert to the causes and symptoms of excessive water pressure, the homeowner can prevent a water damage disaster.

Causes of excessive water pressure

Building codes and common-sense strategies have done much to prevent or avoid fluctuations of the water pressure in water lines feeding into the home. When purchasing a new home, the home inspection usually involves inspecting for water leaks and water damage and assessing water pressure. Before buying a home, have the plumbing system thoroughly inspected by a licensed, reputable plumber.

1. Improper installation and setting of the pressure regulator

Sometimes the problem begins with the installation of an inline pressure regulator between the main valve at the road and the home. In a municipality, water pressure at the main may be 80 PSI or significantly higher. To reduce the pressure from the street, a pressure regulator valve (PRV) is installed at some point in the water service line, usually where the line enters the home. Make sure a licensed professional is responsible for the installation and final quality check of the system after the installation. The desired water pressure from the PRV to the home is between 40PSI and 60PSI. Somewhere in the middle is desirable.

2. Pressure regulator malfunction

Some pressure regulators malfunction right out of the box due to manufacturing issues. The importance of a post-installation pressure check cannot be overemphasized. If a rise in the water pressure in the home is noted, the PRV may have experienced a malfunction. Do not delay in scheduling a licensed plumber to inspect and, if needed, repair any problems.

3. Pressure variations originating with the utility company’s equipment

The PRV should provide protection when there are problems originating with the water company and its equipment. Are neighbors complaining about the water pressure problem? Are there reports of issues in the media? Take note and, if needed, take action to avoid a water damage disaster.

Signs of excessive water pressure

Quick recognition of and response to the signs of fluctuations in the water pressure can help prevent a catastrophic water damage disaster that requires the services of a water damage restoration company.

1. Wide fluctuations in the water pressure at the faucet

If water spits and coughs out of the faucet at unusually high rates, there may be a pressure issue. As soon as this issue is noticed, check the system with a pressure gauge or call a plumber.

2. Leaks around faucet handles

Excessive water pressure can cause faucets to leak around the handles. If the faucets are new or the washers have recently been replaced, water pressure may be the cause of the leak at the faucet handles.

3. Leaks at joints and connections under sinks

If suspicions are aroused that water pressure issues could be causing leaks, expand the inspection to include joints and connections under sinks in the kitchen, laundry room, and all bathroom sinks. Check connections at the toilets as well.

The best time to reach out to SERVPRO® of Northeast Fort Worth is before any type of property damage disaster occurs, including a water damage disaster caused by excessive water pressure. By pre-qualifying with SERVPRO, the homeowner only has to make one phone call to have a property damage cleanup and restoration team on the scene in about an hour.

For more information about SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth’s water damage restoration services, contact the office at (817) 741-5737 or email office@SERVPROnortheastftworth.com.

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