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How SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth Uses Advanced Equipment to Provide the Best Services to the Community

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth explains how using advanced equipment enables its team to deliver the best damage restoration services to the community.

Locally owned and operated, SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth is the leading residential and commercial property damage restoration company serving Fort Worth, Keller, Park Glen, and the surrounding areas. Superior training, adherence to the highest IICRC cleaning and restoration standards, 24/7 availability, and a commitment to providing the best customer service are hallmarks of the SERVPRO team.

Over the last few decades, significant strides have been made in restoration and cleaning technology and techniques. SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth has made the commitment to embrace these emerging advancements. SERVPRO technicians utilize specialized equipment, resources, and techniques to provide the best damage restoration and cleaning services in the industry to the Northeast Fort Worth area.

Choosing the best property damage restoration company can be challenging and confusing in light of the recent innovations in the restoration industry. Companies that take advantage of these innovations are more efficient, thorough, and reliable and can provide better results and greater value to customers.

Here are some of the advancements that empower SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth to restore a property to its preloss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively.

  1. Infrared cameras

Infrared cameras can detect water hidden behind walls, ceilings, and flooring. The ability to detect water hidden from view increases efficiency by eliminating the need to deconstruct damaged areas in search of hidden water. This technology can save on reconstruction services and the time required to complete the damage restoration process. Companies that do not have access to this amazing technology must rely upon water detection techniques that are inefficient, costly, and often fail to discover the full scope of the damage. Overlooking hidden water can lead to mold issues in the future. SERVPRO customers can be confident that the latest technology has revealed hidden water damage, which can then be mitigated with other cutting-edge tools.

  1. Hygrometers

Psychrometry is defined as “the science of study of various properties of air, method of controlling its temperature and moisture content or humidity and its effect on various materials and human beings.”

A hygrometer, an important measuring device in the science of psychrometry, detects and measures humidity in the air. This indispensable tool is an essential item in the water damage restoration tool kit. It lets the technician know that moisture is being removed from the structure.

Low humidity does not kill mold, but it does slow down the growth of mold. Optimal humidity levels in the home are between thirty and fifty percent. The only way to accurately measure humidity is with a hygrometer. A sustained low humidity level indicates that the water and moisture mitigation process is making measurable progress.

  1. Industrial pumps

In water damage disasters involving large-volume water intrusions, SERVPRO technicians will deploy industrial-grade pumps to remove water from buildings, stories below grade, parking garages, homes, and basements. These pumps can remove up to 36,000 gallons of water daily. The rapid evacuation of large quantities of water limits advanced secondary water damage in large-scale disasters. Staging a multi-pump response gives SERVPRO the ability to meet the needs of any size water damage disaster.

  1. Water extraction units

The well-equipped technicians have a wide array of water removal options, including both truck-mounted and portable units that efficiently remove water from a home or business affected by a water damage disaster. This equipment works to quickly remove any remaining standing water, as well as water in hard-to-reach places such as under flooring and in carpeting. Racing against the clock, technicians work to remove excess water and prevent further water damage and potential mold growth.

  1. High-speed air movers

A wide variety of high-speed air movers accelerate moisture evaporation, effectively curbing mold growth and advanced secondary water damage.

  1. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers

High-performance dehumidifiers eliminate remaining moisture in the air, bringing the drying process full circle. Mold needs water and moisture to thrive, so removing the moisture from surfaces and decreasing the humidity will prevent mold growth.

  1. Air scrubbers

After a fire, soot and contaminated dust particles must be removed from the air. Industrial air scrubbers quickly and continuously purify the air, remove harmful particles, and neutralize toxic fumes.

  1. Thermal foggers

Thermal foggers are employed to effectively deodorize a home or business. Sometimes thermal foggers are used to disperse fungicides. Because the vapor droplets produced by thermal foggers are so small (0.5-10 microns), the deodorizer can penetrate more deeply into surfaces that need to be treated.

  1. OSHA-approved sanitizing and disinfection agents, germicides, and antimicrobial treatments

Over the last several decades, researchers and scientists have developed sanitizers, disinfectants, germicides, and microbial treatments that are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets. Utilizing these remarkable innovations proves SERVPRO’s dedication to creating a safe, clean & comfortable living environment for you and your family.”

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial properties that have suffered a property damage disaster. By leveraging the latest, most advanced technology, techniques, and solutions, the expert team of restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can restore a damaged property to its preloss condition and return life to normal for the homeowner or business.

For more information about damage restoration in Fort Worth, TX, call SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth at (817) 741-5737 or email office@SERVPROnortheastftworth.com.

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