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Mold remediation post water damage: Expert plans by SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth Haltom City in Saginaw

9/15/2023 (Permalink)

In the wake of recent water damage incidents in Saginaw homes, SERVPRO® of Northeast Ft. Worth has proven its unwavering commitment to swift and efficient mold remediation. With expertise in water damage restoration, the trusted local franchise tackles the mold issue head-on, ensuring the safety and well-being of Saginaw residents.

Immediate response to water damage emergencies

Immediate response to water damage emergencies is critical to prevent further damage and mitigate potential health risks. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City understands the urgency of such situations and prides itself on its rapid response time. Their trained professionals are available around the clock to promptly assess and address water damage issues. By acting swiftly, they can minimize property damage, reduce the likelihood of mold growth, and help homeowners regain a sense of security in their homes. This commitment to immediate response sets SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City apart as a reliable partner in times of crisis.

Cutting-edge mold detection technology

Cutting-edge mold detection technology is a game-changer in the field of mold remediation. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City leverages advanced equipment and techniques to identify mold infestations accurately and efficiently. This technology allows them to pinpoint hidden mold in walls, ceilings, and other concealed areas, ensuring no mold goes unnoticed. 

The precision of these tools enables targeted remediation efforts, reducing unnecessary disruption and cost to homeowners. By staying at the forefront of mold detection technology, SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City provides clients with thorough and effective mold remediation services.

Tailored mold remediation strategies

Tailored mold remediation strategies are essential to address each mold-infested property's unique needs effectively. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City understands that no mold issues are the same and customizes its remediation approaches accordingly. They conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the type of mold, its extent, and the specific conditions contributing to its growth. This personalized approach ensures homeowners receive a solution that suits their mold problem. By tailoring their strategies, SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City maximizes the mold remediation process's efficiency and effectiveness, providing their clients peace of mind.

Comprehensive water damage restoration

Comprehensive water damage restoration is vital to SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City's services. Beyond simply addressing water removal, they undertake a holistic approach to restore homes to their pre-damaged condition. This process encompasses drying, dehumidification, and structural repairs as needed. It ensures that not only visible damage but also hidden moisture is eliminated, preventing mold growth and structural deterioration.

Thorough post-remediation inspection

Thorough post-remediation inspection is a crucial step in ensuring the effectiveness of mold remediation efforts. SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City conducts meticulous inspections after mold removal to verify that every trace of mold has been successfully eradicated. This rigorous examination involves checking visible areas and concealed spaces to prevent potential resurgence. The inspection process is done by trained experts who use advanced equipment to detect any remaining mold spores. By committing to a comprehensive post-remediation inspection, SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth Haltom City guarantees a mold-free environment, providing homeowners with the confidence that their property is safe and clean.

Expertise you can trust

With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City has become the go-to choice for mold remediation and water damage restoration in Saginaw and the surrounding areas.

In times of water damage crisis, Saginaw residents can rely on SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City's prompt and effective mold remediation services. Their commitment to excellence ensures homes are restored to their pristine condition, free from mold and water damage concerns.

About SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City is a trusted local franchise specializing in expert water damage restoration and mold remediation services. With a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, they serve Saginaw and its surrounding communities, helping homeowners recover from water damage and mold-related issues. For more information about their water damage restoration services, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth-Haltom City at (817) 741-5737. 

Nine Strategies for Avoiding a Mold Infestation and Mold Remediation at Keller, TX, Businesses

10/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth outlines nine tips for preventing mold infestations at businesses.

SERVPRO® of Northeast Fort Worth offers a mold prevention guide for commercial facilities seeking to avoid mold infestation and mold remediation. Mold in a retail space, restaurant, professional office, service center, or other workspace affects employees, patrons, and patients. Ultimately, business operations, customer experience, revenue, and profitability suffer if the mold problem is not quickly resolved.

The mold prevention guide outlined below targets mold growth in a retail space, office building, manufacturing plant, or other commercial facilities.

#1. Repair plumbing leaks immediately.

These leaks may occur in the following locations: faucets, inline valves, supply line connections, drains, toilets, and fire sprinkler heads. Leaks in the building envelope include leaks around windows, doors, roof penetrations for vents, skylights, waste removal, and ingress/egress hatches. Roof punctures from broken tree limbs, hail, or collapsed supports or equipment should be repaired with no delay except for danger from severe weather.

#2. Pay attention to new developments such as condensation and wet spots.

By the time condensation and moisture are visible on ceiling tiles, walls, or the floor, the problem is well advanced. Remove standing water and dry the area with a fan or dehumidifier within 24 hours. If the water damage cleanup is extensive, high-capacity wet-dry vacuums, rapid-spin fans, and heavy-duty dehumidifiers will be needed to remove the excess water and dry out the moisture-laden environment. Without adequate equipment, special techniques, and moisture-detecting technology to verify the moisture is below acceptable levels, a mold issue of mammoth proportions could result. A bucket and mop are sufficient to remove small amounts of water from the floor’s surface, but water that has seeped under the flooring must also be removed. The removal of water and moisture from carpeting is beyond the scope of most janitorial services. If carpeting, including padding, is insufficiently dried, sanitized, and disinfected, mold will gain a significant foothold in as little as 24 to 48 hours. The stale, moldy smell can potentially make the facility unsuitable for business operations.

#3. Take steps to prevent condensation.

  • Increase surface temperatures on walls, ceilings, floors, desks, and equipment.
  • Reduce moisture levels (humidity) in the air with a dehumidifier.
  • Repair any leaks to directly reduce humidity in the facility. Increase airflow if the outside air is cold and dry.
  • Install new or additional insulation to reduce condensation on cold surfaces. Under floors, in the attic, and on pipes are good starting points. A storm window installed on the inside is very efficient.
  • Maintain indoor humidity at or below 50 percent relative humidity.

#4. Keep the HVAC system in top operating condition all year round.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules.
  • Make sure the HVAC drip pans are free of dirt and grime and are properly evacuating the water. Check the external pipe for damage or blockages.
  • Routinely replace HVAC filters and ensure the filters are seated properly.

#5. Provide exterior venting for moisture-producing equipment.

Dryers and other moisture-generating appliances should be vented outside and not into the attic or crawl space. Schedule inspection and maintenance to keep the exhaust tubing clean and unobstructed.

#6. Identify, assess, and resolve foundation and crawl space moisture issues.

The ground should slope away from the foundation at one inch per foot for at least six to ten feet. This degree of grade should be able to accommodate a severe downpour, directing the water sufficiently far enough away from the foundation to prevent seepage into a crawl space or service basement. Downspouts should extend several feet beyond the foundation and evacuate into an area that allows the water to drain freely. In extreme conditions, ponding may occur if drainage avenues (conduits, drain fields, dry creek beds) are overwhelmed.

Install a sump pump system in the basement or crawl space to remove excess water. Take more aggressive measures if this action fails to resolve the problem. Seek professional advice early in the process.  Install a moisture barrier in the crawl space. Efforts to reduce humidity in the facility using a dehumidifier or increased ventilation may not prove successful if the moisture problem is not stopped at the source.

#7. Take steps to promote groundwater drainage away from the perimeter of the building.

An onsite consult with a competent certified landscape architect skilled and experienced in grading issues can prove invaluable, saving a business the cost of the consult a hundred times over by avoiding unnecessary grading expenses. Take simple steps such as clearing vegetation away from the foundation, rain gutters, and drain fields. Exposure to sunlight and wind will help a building’s exterior dry out after precipitation.

#8. Include a vapor barrier between the floor covering and a concrete floor.

When installing new carpet or other floor covering over concrete, install a vapor barrier (plastic sheeting) between the concrete and the flooring product. Carpet and padding will wick moisture from the concrete, and mold can thrive in moist carpeting and under laminate flooring.

#9. Avoid installing carpet in areas or around appliances with a high probability of water release.

Examples include:

  • drinking fountains
  • breakrooms, especially if the locations have a sink, refrigerator, ice machine, or dishwasher
  • service sinks
  • laundry rooms
  • bathrooms
  • concrete floors with perpetual leaks or frequent condensation

When a property damage disaster such as a roof leak, burst pipe, or fire sprinkler malfunction occurs, take action to repair the leak, clean up the water, and restore any damage to the structure. A delay of a day or two can result in a major mold infestation and other advanced secondary damage. The damage restoration and cleaning specialists at SERVPRO® of Northeast Fort Worth provide a rapid response so that the disruption to business operations is minimal.

For more information about Keller, TX, mold removal, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth, TX, at (817) 741-5737 or email

Benefect and Mold Remediation

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Benefect disinfectants used in home with mold issues.

Benefect is a product that we here at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth use on a daily basis to clean and sanitize mold and other bio hazards. Benefect is a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobials. Benefect products use nature's way of cleaning and killing germs with no compromise in strength and without endangering human health. Benefect has been around for over 20 years and has been partnering with SERVPRO for almost a decade. Conor was born with a severe immune system disorder. His parents (Sam and Jen DeAth) needed to minimize the burden on his immune system by cleaning and disinfecting their home, but conventional germ-killing chemistry was almost as dangerous to Conor. His parents searched for natural alternatives to the toxic disinfecting agents found in everyday products but quickly realized they’d have to create their own. Benefect Corp. ( is a world recognized leader in next-generation botanical antimicrobial technology. The Active Ingredient is highly specialized Thyme Oil that has been grown & blended to exacting specifications. All the disinfecting strength you need, without the risk. Why would you choose anything else? For more information go to

Crawlspace Waterproofing For Your Ft Worth Home Can Prevent Water and Mold Damages

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

When mold disasters strike, our SERVPRO team will be there to help.

Preventing Mold & Water Damage To Your Ft Worth Residential Home

Protecting your Ft. Worth home from water damages is something that too many homeowners consider much too late to be effective. It is often only once persistent moisture have caused problems with the structural integrity of your home or cause microbial growth that they seek restoration work and a permanent solution to prevent these problems from reoccurring.

The truth is, many people could avoid water and even mold damages from striking their Ft. Worth homes with crawlspace encapsulation services. A better understanding of this process can help you to appreciate how this precautionary and preventative measure can keep moisture from affecting your household from beneath your first story.

Encapsulation is a process that uses 12mm thick sheets of poly to cover the walls, underneath the upper flooring, the ground, and any supports to prevent moisture from penetrating into this area. This thick plastic provides a sound moisture barrier for the entire crawlspace, effectively keeping the structural components of your home safer and preventing conditions like mold growth.

Before the installation of the plastic sheeting, however, other measures are taken such as fogging the wood framing and supports with an antimicrobial solution. Ventilation gets installed in the crawlspace if none exists to prevent moisture buildup in the area and also eliminates a stagnant atmosphere.

In some cases, sump pumps are necessary installations when natural springs or other water threatens the crawlspace area on a regular basis. In some other cases where a sump pump is not necessarily a requirement, our SERVPRO technicians opt for the installation of other stationary equipment such as a permanent dehumidifier to continually pull moisture from the environment. This lack of dampness and moisture can aid in preventing the growth of mold that erodes and degrades wood components within the crawlspace.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

While you might not always think of ways that you can prevent mold growth or water damage to your home until after the problem already arises, some forward-thinking now can prevent costlier restoration work in the future. Give our SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth a call today to learn more about crawlspace encapsulation. You can reach us anytime at (817) 741-5737.

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Fort Worth Crawl Space Cleanups, Encapsulation, And Mold Remediation

7/18/2018 (Permalink)

If not discovered and dealt with, mold can grow undetected for years.

Mold Remediation and Restoration

When mold first begins to grow in a Fort Worth home or business, it is usually in a location where the homeowner or other occupants cannot enter. In many residential or commercial buildings in the Fort Worth area, the attic and sub-floor crawlspaces are not easily accessible. Newer homes have eliminated, for the most part, the space needed to use them for storage of old clothes, family mementos or holiday decorations.

Cleanup and mold remediation in a crawlspace is more difficult than in a full-size attic. Our SERVPRO team specializes in stopping growth, removing mold, and eliminating the threat that a long, undetected mold colony can be to a home’s structural integrity.

If not discovered and dealt with, mold can grow undetected for years. Too late, a consumer might find that the mold covers every surface and may have even penetrated into wooden support structures. At that level of contamination, our technicians first enter the crawlspace with a spray wand and a large container of anti-fungal chemicals strapped to their backs. They spray the entry point, allow it to dry, and then move into the crawlspace, spraying every bit of mold they see.

If the mold is thicker still, SERVPRO technicians also have the option of spraying baking soda from a high-pressure spray gun. The action effectively removes mold from every surface. The only drawbacks are that the spray gun covers everything in baking soda and that it does not neutralize any spores deep in the wood. In some cases, our technicians may have to follow-up with the anti-fungal spray.

After both treatments, technicians then use a commercial vacuum to remove the spores. They link the vacuum to a HEPA filter, which is designed to capture even a single, microscopic mold spore. If there is any concern about remaining spores, team members spray the area again before sealing it back up.

Until recently, the crawl spaces in over 26 million households in the US were thought to be 'out of sight’ and ‘out of mind.' Today problems with mold, odors, pests, energy consumption, and damage to the structure, Fort Worth consumers are looking for encapsulation specialists to solve these issues. While many companies are providing encapsulation services, few have a trained team that understands the actions required to ensure a fast solution to the encapsulation challenges.

Cleaning up mold in a crawlspace is difficult, but not impossible with the right tools and training. If you need our encapsulation services, call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 today to schedule an inspection.

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Leaving Water Damage In Your Fort Worth Home Can Lead To The Development Of Mold Damage

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Damages in your home are never something to ignore, especially when those damages can lead to future complications, such as mold damage.

Leaving Water Damage In Your Home Can Lead To Mold Damage

Damages in your home are never something to ignore, especially when those damages can lead to future complications, such as mold damage. Sometimes financial difficulty, or other valid concerns, can stop you from calling for assistance when you need it. The story is pretty standard: a severe storm rolls in and soaks your basement bathroom through the open window. There are inches of water on the floor by the time that you find it the next morning, but you feel like you cannot afford to call for help and resolve to try to deal with it yourself. The decision can lead to future complications as only a professional can tell when a space is thoroughly dry.

Leaving any excess moisture in the structure of your home can lead to the growth of mold damage in your Fort Worth residence. Mold spores are omnipresent, and you cannot completely rid your home of them. However, they are relatively harmless until they come into contact with excessive moisture. As they feed off of the excess water, the mold spores can rapidly multiply and form a colony, which can damage the structure of your home and cause health effects. Calling for help as soon as you first begin to suspect you have mold damage is the key to a successful remediation.

Our SERVPRO techs can bring unique tools with them to remediate the mold damage in your home. One of the worst aspects is the smell, and we can set up an air scrubber to pull mold spores and odorous particles from the air while we work. SERVPRO can also set up a barrier made out of plastic sheeting to ensure that the mold spores cannot travel anywhere else when disturbed. Once it is safe to work, SERVPRO can disinfect and remove the mold before using an antifungal spray to help ensure there is no regrowth.

Do not delay when you find damage in your home. Dial (817) 741-5737 to contact SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. We are open 24-7 and ready to take your call.

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The Basics of Mold Damage Remediation in Fort Worth

6/1/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth, we have what it takes to remediate mold infestations from your home.

SERVPRO Explains Professional Mold Remediation in Fort Worth

Whenever there is hidden water in a home or business premise, chances of mold damage resulting are high. Many property owners who experience a water emergency make a mistake of assuming that all is fine after water removal. Water usually seeps into places we cannot see, such as interior walls, under flooring and sometimes it can penetrate into drywall. To prevent such eventualities in your Fort Worth home, you need to work with remediation professionals.

The first thing that our SERVPRO technicians do when attending to mold damage incidents in fort worth is to do an examination. During this step, we use moisture meters to measure the presence of moisture in your ceilings, floors, walls, and cabinets. By using infrared cameras, we are in a position to determine the cause and the degree of the damage. By using water extractors and dehumidifiers, we remove and dry your contents and in the process abate the spread and growth of mold.

Securing the affected area is one of the critical processes that our SERVPRO technicians perform during mold remediation. We do this to prevent the spores from spreading from the contaminated area to a clean one. If we have any running HVAC systems in the area, we stop them and seal their vents. We also establish negative air pressure and install containment barriers within the contaminated area to prevent the movement of the spores.

When our SERVPRO technicians notice that porous materials such as insulation, wall boards, books, papers, clothes, carpets and soft furnishings are highly contaminated, we dispose of them off. Depending on the degree of contamination, we may clean up semi-porous materials such as wood by sanding, drying, and using a safe anti-microbial detergent before reusing. To remove any remaining mold particles, we first dry, clean and perform HEPA filtration in your air conditioning, ventilation, heating and crawl spaces.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Our highly trained team at SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth works around the clock to address fire, water, storm, and mold damage. Call us at (817) 741-5737 at any time of the day and get industry proven services.

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Mold Damage in Your Fort Worth Apartment can Start Out Slowly

4/28/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Finds the Moisture and Cleans Up and Remediates Mold Problems in Fort Worth

Understanding Remediation Underscores the Need for Professional Mold Cleanup

Microbes exist everywhere, no matter where you go in Fort Worth. Because of this, overgrowth can happen at almost any time.

Fort Worth residents who deal with mold damage often find it seemingly grew overnight. Sometimes, this does happen, but it can also grow very slowly and provide you with ample time to rid your home of the conditions that permitted it to begin covering surfaces inside your
home. Mold can grow on almost anything, but porous items, including gypsum board, clothing and leather goods, can face especially fierce attacks by this tiny microorganism.

SERVPRO technicians can perform mold remediation so your home's interior no longer holds the overpopulation it did in the past. One
part of remediation includes controlling the amount of moisture in the home. Stripping microorganisms of this vital nutrient keep them from growing and ensures that the work we perform retains its value for you.

Using moisture meters to detect water and moisture in the smallest amounts helps detect where mold might hide inside walls that only seem dry on the outside. Moisture can enter your home through many different avenues and stay out of sight. While you never see it, mold
easily finds it because it already exists in almost every corner of your home.

Window sills often contain the most amount of mold in a home. This happens because of the air going in and out of these openings in your
home. When this happens, mold can also slip down inside the wall cavity under the window and travel inside the walls. We can combat
this without tearing out your walls, protecting your home while still saving you money.

SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth can be contacted by calling our 24-hour service line, (817) 741-5737. Calling our local number helps you begin the steps to remediation of mold, and also prevents microorganisms from regaining a foothold inside your dwelling. We serve the
communities around Heritage Trace, Woodland Springs, and Fossil Creek.

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Mold Damage Mitigation In Fort Worth

4/8/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can appear in many colors or just give off a smell when it hides behind walls and cabinets. Contact SERVPRO when you see or smell mold.

Team SERVPRO Follows a Proven Process When Remediating Mold Damage

Mold is often a significant problem inside your Fort Worth home if it goes unnoticed. A fungus develops from spores then grows structures called hyphae. Hyphae grow in all directions including down into the materials, out across surfaces, and up.
Hyphae produce more spores so that the fungi can reproduce. SERVPRO's mold damage technicians in Fort Worth have experience in finding mold and dealing with it. If mold issues do not get handled, then it is possible that spores float to other rooms and turn into mold.
If there is a presence of spores, mold only needs three things to survive. A fungus needs an organic food source, moisture, and the correct temperature to form and thrive. Once mold exists the area must get treated because it can cause health effects with certain people.
The first step to mold remediation is first to determine if mold exists or not. SERVPRO's restoration team inspects your home to see if mold growth has already occurred. The team asks to see if the structure had recent water damage and they look around to see if they can visually see mold in the form of black dots or white fuzz.
If a fungus exists inside your house, we follow a few vital steps when completing the mitigation process. First, we establish containment, so the environment outside the affected area does not get contaminated. Before any work begins, we section off the contaminated area with a thick, plastic containment chamber.
The containment chamber then gets a hole cut into it, and an air scrubber gets set up on the hole to create negative air pressure. All of the air then gets sucked into a HEPA filter. The filter traps all fungi particles and mold spores preventing them from spreading to other areas inside or outside the building.
Once the containment chamber gets established, any affected material gets removed. Any dust created during demolition gets filtered through the air scrubber so that it does not contaminate anything. For professional help mitigating a fungal issue, call SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth at (817) 741-5737 24/7.

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Vapor Drive And Mold Damage In Ft. Worth

1/9/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation in Fort Worth Mitigates Damage If Not Ignored--Call SERVPRO

For the Fort Worth Area, SERVPRO Remediates and Advises Regarding Mold Services

Mold growth occurs when mold spores find an adequate source of water available to multiply. In Fort Worth ground moisture may be enough to get the mold spores in a home’s lower levels activated, creating colonies needing abatement before significant damage results. Our crews have the know-how and experience to plan and carry out a successful remediation plan.
A phenomenon known as vapor drive moves water vapor from the soil surrounding your Fort Worth dwelling through the foundation materials, into any crawl space. Mold damage is a likely result. The area involved may rarely be inspected, allowing the fungi to grow. A lead from our production team arranges a reading of the moisture levels in the affected space and evaluates the extent of the mold growth to plan for efficient management of the problem. Humidity levels of 60 percent or above support mold growth.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed an industry standard for mold remediation, and our SERVPRO crew members follow it to ensure safety for the inhabitants while also ridding your property of the microbial infestation. Our team includes technicians who hold the applied microbial remediation technician (AMRT) certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Certification (IICRC) so you know your home is in good hands.
Careful attention to containment makes sure moldy debris does not enter living areas during remediation. Physical barriers may be augmented by advanced technologies such as negative pressure air scrubbers that vent to the outdoors during the process. The moldy materials are bagged and discarded per applicable hazardous waste rules and regulations, a benefit of using the professionals at SERVPRO who remain up to date on proper disposal criteria.
SERVPRO then uses air movers, heat, and dehumidifiers to decrease the humidity level in the now-cleaned and disinfected areas to below 50 percent. Since the vapor drive action moves moisture from wetter to drier areas, expect to consult with our experts about strategies to limit this movement in the future. Installation of vapor barriers, or repair and replacement of damaged or poorly sealed existing systems, is a way to limit the moisture from transferring into your home. If this issue remains unaddressed, the mold growth may recur every time the vapor balance shifts between the soil and your foundation or crawl space.
SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is eager and well-qualified to help property owners in our community with mold damage issues. Call us at (817) 741-5737 to schedule a consultation whenever you suspect mold invades your home.

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Mold Damage Cleanup in Your Fort Worth Home

11/2/2017 (Permalink)

Visible Fort Worth Mold Growth Needs Remediation--Call SERVPRO

Remediation in Fort Worth Area Properties by SERVPRO Are Effective

When drywall in your home in Fort Worth becomes wet, it is nothing to ignore. Not only can it be an expensive repair if you let it go, but it can degrade into a potentially unhealthy environment if you do not get it taken care of quickly. Water damage to your drywall can lead to mold growth and mold damage quite quickly.

Mold can cause health effects, so if you have any mold damage from wet drywall in your home, get in touch with our staff at SERVPRO right away. We come out swiftly to assess the mold damage in your Fort Worth home to develop a plan to take care of the moisture problem and clean up the mold as soon as possible.
Since buildings with mold can be associated with health effects, we make sure to wear protective clothing while working. Some safety work practices prevent us from exposure to the mold as we disturb the fungi during the cleanup process. Other procedures stop the mold from spreading to clean areas of your home. HEPA filtered respirators for personnel and air scrubbers for mold spore removal are typical devices.
SERVPRO staff record conditions in the home like the extent of the contamination and how much moisture saturation there is. Once remediation is complete, an independent indoor environmental professional might record that the mold in the home has returned to normal conditions. This last step is generally needed after a severe and extensive mold infestation has occurred to a structure.
Our work practices aim at keeping the mold contamination from getting airborne and then spreading from the source to clean areas. We place negative air machines near where drywall demolition occurs to reduce the number of airborne mold particles, spores, and dust which workers are exposed to and also to make the process of removing mold more efficient.
If the mold has grown beyond normal levels, the best solution is to remove the excess mold contamination. It can be accomplished by physically getting rid of anything that has been damaged by the mold (demolition), by vacuuming mold spores into HEPA filters, and by wiping soiled surfaces with a damp cloth and detergent cleaning products.
SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth takes care to remove the mold in your home and disinfect the area thoroughly to make your home safe again. Just give us a call at (817) 741-5737 when you find mold in your home in the areas of Keller, Park Glen, or Heritage Trace.

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Mold Signs in my Fort Worth home

10/10/2017 (Permalink)

This is from a home that received extensive water damage to the roof. The repair was never made and mold quickly grew through the ceiling.

There exist a multitude of different types of mold varieties in the world today. . Mold can be found in many homes and is a cause of allergies and other related ill health effects.

If you think you may have mold in your Fort Worth home or Fort Worth apartment then you may want to ask yourself the following questions. Mold needs a special environment to thrive.  It needs a food source such as drywall and it needs a water source such as leak.

Do you notice water damage?

Mold is created by moisture. Without it mold wouldn’t exist. Mold spores float around in the air and if they land on a wet surface it can grow out of control quickly. If you see a water spot on the ceiling, wall or floor there might be a potential for mold growth.  It might be a wise idea to have the professionals at SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth test your walls to see if there exists any hidden moisture.  Water damage can cause the paint to peel or it can also stain the ceiling and this is called cellulosic staining.  

Allergy symptoms can be a sign of Mold?

Allergy symptoms such as running nose, water eyes or sneezing can be a sign of mold within your home. When mold is growing in your apartment it can cause severe allergic reactions when it’s inhaled or touched. Mold can make asthma symptoms worse as well.

Have you experienced more Headaches?

Mold can form mycotoxins which is toxic to humans. These are produced by toxic strains of mold and can cause serious health problems. Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, short attention span, memory loss and trouble concentrating. If your symptoms increase when at home you may need to see if you have mold in that local.

Is there a musty odor?

Does your home smell like a basement or musty?. Even if you don’t see any signs of mold if you smell it then it’s worth investigating further.

Do you have any known leaks?

Because mold likes wet surfaces and needs the moisture to grow, it is very important to know if you have any existing leaks in pipes or faucets. It is a smart idea to check under your kitchen sink and your bathroom sinks for potential leaks periodically.  

Has Flooding occurred?

If there has been a previous flood there exists the potential for mold spores to be present.  Always ask apartment personel or home sellers if there has ever been a flood and mold after the flood.   

All of these questions can lead further to look into getting a mold expert, or remediation company out to inspect your Fort Worth home.  Luckily SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can help you further by coming out to your home and giving a concise and honest interpretation of any potential mold issues.

Please feel free to call us at 817-741-5737

Providing Mold Damage Restoration Services in Fort Worth When a Flood Occurs

10/2/2017 (Permalink)

Moisture Can Produce Mold Damage in Fort Worth Area Homes--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

SERVPRO's Expertise and Equipment Can Remediate Mold Infestations

When a flooding disaster hits your home, it can be difficult to focus and figure out the next step. You may lose some of your belongings, and the repair cost may be too overwhelming. Ultimately, the flood water can penetrate hidden spaces in the structure and create favorable conditions for mold growth in your Fort Worth property. When this happens, the house may become unsafe to live in and necessitate mold remediation services.
In the event of a flood, SERVPRO can come in and control mold growth before it gets out of hand. We have a team of highly skilled mold damage remediation experts in Fort Worth and its environs who are ready to respond to any emergency. We follow IICRC guidelines to ensure that our products and techniques exceed industry standards.
Mold damage happens quickly. Mold spores can travel through the air and land on the wall, where they may grow and thrive within a matter of days. Mold is particularly troublesome in the showers, which are often inadequately ventilated, as well as in dark, damp corners of your house such as around window panes and laundry rooms. Mold growth may cause health effects to you and your pets.
While mold damage is not as sudden and scary as fire or water damage, it is ultimately as detrimental because of its inconspicuous nature. After performing a thorough inspection, SERVPRO mold removal specialists can contain the affected areas using physical barriers to keep the spores from migrating during the restoration process. We also filter and clean the air with heavy-duty HEPA filtration systems and then spray the colonies with antimicrobial treatments.
Any carpeting, drywall, and other materials that sustained mold damage have to be removed. SERVPRO technicians use anti-fungal treatments to decontaminate these items too and then return them safely to your house if it is viable. Attending to moisture problems is essential to prevent the mold from growing back after the remediation process. Using dehumidifiers and other drying equipment, we can also control moisture and humidity levels to avoid recontamination.
As a locally-based and operated business, SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth is strategically positioned to respond promptly to your mold damage situation. We are dedicated to restoring your property to preloss conditions as soon as possible, "Like it never even happened." Call us anytime at (817) 741-5737.

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Remediation Today -- And Avoiding More Mold Damage Tomorrow -- In Fort Worth

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For Kitchen Mold Problems in Ft. Worth Rely on SERVPRO for Remediation

Mold Abatement by SERVPRO Is the Answer for Professional Removal

Concern and an action plan make much sense when a homeowner finds mold. Panic and an overreaction are unnecessary, particularly when you work with a mold remediation company that has the experience, the technical crews, and the specialized equipment to abate the problem. SERVPRO is an industry leader in mold remediation and responds quickly to your call for help.

Cleaning below your kitchen sink you notice a musty smell and a “sponginess” to the bottom shelf of the cabinet. Worried that you have mold damage in your Fort Worth home you consider trying to get rid of it yourself, but that soft and sagging area of the cabinet gives you pause. Choosing to invite us to inspect and evaluate the problem is a wise move. We have years of mold remediation experience and the gear and specialized equipment to manage it safely and efficiently.
We follow EPA-developed protocols when remediating a mold outbreak. After locating the colony the first step is to create a containment area to protect inhabitants from particles of mold as the infestation is removed. Because this mold problem is in the kitchen expect SERVPRO staff to direct removing open containers of food, pots, pans, and dishes during the time we work on the problem. Our team members wear personal protective gear and run a negative pressure air scrubber while preparing for removal.
The technicians inspect the area you identified as containing mold. Because fungi do not need light for growth, we suspect the colony extends under the cabinet and carefully pull up the bottom where the wood seems rotting to find additional parts of the outbreak. Mold regenerates if any portions are left behind, and water is continuously available. We look for a cracked pipe or loose connection and correct the leak. Future mold growth possibility is limited in this way.
All of the mold and the wood infiltrated with its roots is bagged and discarded. If necessary, we replace the portions of the cabinets removed with new wood as we complete the remediation. Our goal is always to leave a damaged area looking “Like it never even happened.”
Receive the best in mold remediation and advice on remaining mold-free in the future from SERVPRO of Northeast Ft. Worth. A call to (817) 741-5737 schedules a solution to the current issues and helps avoid the conditions mold needs to grow again.

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Signs of Mold in your Keller Home?

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Suspected mold growth from a water heater leak.

SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth can help re mediate the suspected signs of mold growth in your home. 

Mold is a vital piece of nature, assisting with the disintegration of natural matter and the recycling of supplements in biological systems. While outdoor mold is fundamental, mold developing inside present’s health risks and can bring about property damage. Molds recreate by method of minor airborne spores that travel essentially anyplace, even in our homes.

Despite the fact that there are hints of mold spores indoors, they require the right "ingredients" to produce mold. Unfortunately, the conditions for mold development are found in many homes: a nourishment source, (for example, drywall, rugs, and wood), warmth, lack of light, enough time to develop, and above all, dampness. Since dampness is a fundamental factor in mold development, here are the most common culprits that cause heightened dampness in homes:

  • Flooding can cause a measurable amount of water into your home, bringing on serious water damage and conceivably cause mold development inside 24-48 hours. Calling an expert restoration professional such as SERVPRO of Northeast Fort Worth promptly is your best defense with regards to mitigating water damage and preventing mold development.

  • Increased humidity can happen in homes from multiple sources — muggy climate, persistent rain, cooking, showering, and so on. To help prevent development of mold growth in your home, ensure your home is all around ventilated and keep the humidity below 55 percent.

  • Deficient ventilation leads to increased humidity, and due to this, mold development and different issues like indoor contamination. Try to open entryways as well as windows when viable and to utilize fans as needed.

  • Leaking pipes are a typical issue in homes and should be settled promptly. In many cases, leaks are hidden from view, such as inside walls or above the ceiling, so make a point to investigate wall and ceiling stains routinely.

  • Roof leaks are additionally a way for water to saturate your home and cause mold. In the event that you see water stains on the ceiling, check for water damage in the attic and have your roof assessed and repaired at the earliest opportunity.

  • Condensation happens when warm dampness loaded air interacts with chilly surfaces. Condensation can be seen on walls, windows, solid floors or metal pipes. Reduce condensation by adjusting the humidity in your home.

  • Basements give astounding conditions for mold development because of poor ventilation, cooler temperatures (that advance condensation), and incessant water leaks and flooding.

Mold can also grow in various unexpected areas in the home, which can make mold remediation more difficult. For professional mold removal, as well as fire and water restoration services, contact the professional experts at SERVPRO Northeast Fort Worth today. 

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Mold in your Fort Worth Home

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Suspected mold growth

Many customers call SERVPRO inquiring about the potential health effects of known or suspected mold growth.  The only way to truly determine the extent of mold spore migration is through lab testing.  SERVPRO does not conduct air quality inspections, however we do have trusted vendors and subcontractors that provide these services.

Air or surface sampling can be helpful in determining the scope, or extent of a mold infestation.  Air samples are taken by drawing a predetermined volume of air through a sterile media, which is then sent to laboratory for analysis.  Lab analysis is able to determine type of spores found, as well as extrapolate estimated quantities of the spores identified.  Upon request most labs will include a report detailing any issues regarding the indoor air quality.  Most Indoor Environmental Professionals will complement the lab report with a recommended remediation plan. 

If you find yourself on the receiving end of this type of report for your home or business, call SERVPRO!  We have the experienced and trained technicians coupled with the proper equipment to execute mold remediation on any scale. 

Call SERVPRO today to see how we can help make your mold problem "Like it never even happened."


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HEPA Vacuums and Mold in Keller Texas

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A HEPA vacuum cleaner.
Choosing the Best HEPA Vacuum

For those that have been adversely affected by mold illness, it is important that your living environment be maintained as a safe place where you will not be exposed to potentially harmful organisms. One tool to help you in this goal is a HEPA vacuum. In an ideal world, we would all have built-in central vacuums that exhausted directly to the outside. Since this is not an option for many people, the next best thing is to find the best HEPA vacuum for their situation.


A HEPA or high efficiency particulate air filter is a filter that removes 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. This high degree of filtration is important since there are many more very small mold spore fragments found than whole mold spores. The use of HEPA filtration helps ensure that these small particulates or fragments as well as the larger intact spores can be safely removed from the indoor environment. Although many vacuums may claim to have HEPA-like filtration, very few vacuums actually meet the rigid criteria to be called a HEPA vacuum. True HEPA vacuums not only have a HEPA filter but are also specially sealed so that no air is able to escape before passing through the filter. This means that the particles you vacuum up actually remain in the vacuum rather than being dispersed into the air that you breathe. HEPA filtration is also important for people that suffer with allergies to dust mites, pets, pollen, or other environmental allergens.



Does Your Fort Worth Home Have A Mold Problem?

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Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.


If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

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